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1st January 2022

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My grateful thanks to all those of you who have been so loyal, patient and very understanding. To those who are not happy, or think the website is rubbish (yes, it's not great) well, that's life. I try - if it's not good enough for you, too bad. Life's too short...

Impetus 165DE 0-4-0 DM

'RooKits "Colonial" 2-6-0 (WAGR, SAR, TGR, QGR, CR, etc)

January 2022

Life hasn't been easy for most of us recently, and there's no exception here! Things have not got much better since the last update nearly two years ago. I'll spare you all from the (sometimes gory) details, but the result is I am still way behind with everything, for which I can only say, I'm very sorry. I think I've cleared most of the messages backlog and any new enquiries should now get looked at fairly promptly - but please remember, I don't check emails every day. If you are desperate, please use the telephone.

Nothing stays the same forever, so after some six years of stability, I regret to say the prices of my 7mm scale flatbottom rails have had a hefty increase - details on the What's New page.

For all PermaWay enquiries and orders, please contact our agents, Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd.

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